Interleaved Wet Fibre Boards

The system is designed to receive a wet panel similar to the Ceramic Fibre project above but to interleave it with a plastic corex sheet. Panels are typically up to 575mm thick and down to 10mm and can be about 2M square.

The whole system also automatically feeds in a pallet which descends as it is loaded with the product being centralised. When the filled pallet is removed to one side a new pallet is immediately inserted without the process stopping.

A speed up section can be inserted upstream to create the necessary gap in the product flow.

The product stacking is achieved with a laydown belt which we have been supplying for over 30 years and leaves the product undamaged and smoothly on the stack. The corex or similar interleave can be positioned with a Pick & Place using vacuum cups. 

Video 1:

Video 2:

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