Observation and inspection reports will determine how your handling system can be improved to resolve current operational problems. Recommendations concerning production efficiencies; health and safety; planned maintenance; machine structures; line speed; cycle line analysis and new product inclusion are typical.

Typical inspection reports for panel production would include the following recommendations:

  • Replacement of worn or damaged parts to ensure operators are not exposed to safety hazards or excessive noise.
  • Inclusion of new stops and pushers to achieve correct alignment of products at required line rate.
  • New part-touching materials to prevent marking or damage to products during transfer and stacking.
  • Reduction of manual intervention by providing automated links to off-line processes
  • Provision of new flexible accumulation holding conveyors, allowing run-off and waiting of different sizes of product.
  • Control system changes to include automatic selection of product type and setting of the stock size
  • Structural modifications to prevent deflection during the clamping process.

Prices will be provided for the parts and we will also be able to quote for installation based on what work is required.