Heavy Roll-Formed Section

This system is capable of collating, stacking and strapping sections at 40M/min. As opposed to a manual gang, of 7, who can only do so at 20M/min with the attendant H&S problems. It handles some 28 different sections from 400mm long to 20M.

It is also capable of filling stillages either by placing the sections in layers or simply dumping them into the stillage.

Section profile checking is feasible with a vision system at one end of each section. If a faulty section is detected it can be run out and avoid being stacked as could any new section that was not suitable for the system.

Technician selection is made from a menu on the HMI to determine matrices and types of product orientation.

Video 1 - From Flying Shear to Bundle Stack and Strap  & The Shear

Video 2 - Recent video during Installation setting-up

Various special sections can be accomodated as follows in the videos.

Video 3 - Top Hat sections placed into stillages

Video 4 - 'J' shaped section into stack 

Strapping and batten insertion can be either simple 'under the pack' at programmed intervals or between each layer

Video 5 - Strapping & Batten insertion

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