Short & Long rolled-formed sections

This is a fully automated system capable of aligning, inverting, nesting, stacking and strapping full loaded roll formed section bundles whilst supporting a line rate of 40M/min.

From the Mill exit conveyor cut sections are transferred sideways and accumulated as a layer. If they are to be interleaved the first layer is lifted on electro magnets and inverted to await the lower being positioned. The combined layer is taken to the stack forming forks where the layer is pulled back and deposited on the stack.

Video 1 - Short section Mill to TO system

Video 2 - Completion of Short Pack

When complete the stack is lowered onto a roller conveyor and taken through a steel strapper. this is either one column at a time or the whole pack.

Video 3 - Strapping one column at a time & 4 Through the Strapper

In this video the strapped pack passes through a second strapper which places a coloured strap at the C of G as calculated from the pack build and client's SAP system.

Video 5 - Long Columns

The long sections show are for multi storey carpark floors for concrete infill. They are heavy and each pack can weigh several tonnes.

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